Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

This mistress does not know that her slave has a scat fetish as well and enjoys eating shit. She does not know that her slave likes it also because he gets access to her ass and her pussy besides seeing her naked. He hides the fact that he likes it because it makes him enjoy all the things he wants while the mistress thinks that he hates all the experience.

This mistress likes to experiment. Today she is experimenting with shit fetish. She wanted to try an improvised toilet so she got a slave and an improvised toilet seat. Then she sat on the seat and shit into the slave's open mouth. She happily shit into his mouth and made the slave eat her shit and swallow it. She also used him as her human toilet paper by making him lick her clean.

These girls are practically revolutionizing their human toilet. They took the seat out of a chair and replaced it with a toilet seat. They pull the chair up to a table so they can relax and read while they are taking a shit. The toilet slave lies under them with his mouth open every time they sit down. They squeeze out some enormous turds that fall right into his mouth.

Lady Marie is a gorgeous brunette who has a lot of humiliating things in store for her toilet slave. She starts by smoking a cigarette and dumping the ashes in his mouth like a human ashtray. She pisses, shits and vomits in his mouth. He has to chew and swallow all of her bodily fluids or he can no longer be her toilet slave. He will eat her shit any day.

In part 7 of the Scat Princess series; Marie. This scat princess sits in the ladies room on the toilet watching a video feed of the toilet slaves that are lying under the bowl. They are ready to receive loads of shit in their face. Marie strains and pushes out a long and messy turd. It falls right into the face of the toilet slave and he has to eat it.

Smoking hot brunette scat queen Mistress Gaia has a female slave who she is training to be a shit eater. She is giving the lesson in English and the toilet slave doesn't understand. Every time she gets out of line or don't understand; Mistress Gaia smacks her in the head. She will keep shitting out turd after turd and make her eat it all until she gets it right.

Lady Milena puts her slave through an extreme shit eating session. She sits on the bed in her black stockings while her toilet slave lies in the floor. She humiliates him by bending over and spitting in his mouth. Then she has him open his mouth wide while she pulls down her stockings and shits out a huge turd that coils around in his mouth and he has to chew it and swallow it.

This beautiful scat mistress takes her toilet slave out of his cage because she is ready to take a shit. She doesn't take a shit unless it's in his mouth. She fills a bowl full with her turds. Before she gives it to him to eat, she makes him eat the shit out of her asshole and lick it clean. Now he is ready to eat his bowl full of shit.

Domi Cat is at it again. These girls really know how to dominate and humiliate their slaves. Domi Cat handles two toilet slaves at one time with no problem. They lie down next to each other and she sticks her finger down her throat and pukes in their mouth. Then she spreads her asshole and fills their mouth with messy turds until they both have a mouth packed with shit.

This toilet slave just turned into a shit victim. That's the only way to describe this humiliating shit abuse. Cruel scat princess Miss Jane gets her friend to help her traumatize and dominate this slave with shit. Both girls shit turds right in his mouth and make him chew on their turds. They leave him in the floor humiliated with shit smeared all over his body and the walls.

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