Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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In part 7 of the Scat Princess series; Marie. This scat princess sits in the ladies room on the toilet watching a video feed of the toilet slaves that are lying under the bowl. They are ready to receive loads of shit in their face. Marie strains and pushes out a long and messy turd. It falls right into the face of the toilet slave and he has to eat it.

This toilet slave just turned into a shit victim. That's the only way to describe this humiliating shit abuse. Cruel scat princess Miss Jane gets her friend to help her traumatize and dominate this slave with shit. Both girls shit turds right in his mouth and make him chew on their turds. They leave him in the floor humiliated with shit smeared all over his body and the walls.

:-) camera to be under my wc and I sit on the toilet lid and half leave it :-) Luckily fall times not taken the camera :-) :-) Horny recording including my comments, as always

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