Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Mistress Gaia does not like slaves and losers who question her authority. She likes it when she gets them to do things without asking questions. This loser tried to question her and he lived to regret it. She was pissed and she trampled on him and she turned him into her toilet slave. She had fun making him eat her shit and swallowing it before she let him go away.

This mistress likes naughty and kinky things. The more extreme it is the better for her. Today she wanted to try shit fetish. She chose a loser to do it to. He had not done anything to her and he was not even aware that he was to be her next victim. She established contact and even got him to go back to her house and she used him as her human toilet and shit on him and ensured he ate it. She pretended they were having fun when she was the one having all the fun.

Mistress Isabella likes to make quick cash. So she decided to open a school for mistresses and then charge them to learn how to be good dominators. Her business boomed because of the presence of many women who want to be dominas. She teaches them all she knows about the concept and the vise or a blessing in disguise depending on what they want to use their money for and which basnk ass well.

This mistress wanted to get someone to be doing her assignments. She had a busy life having fun and did not want to be bothered to read for things she did not care about or find interesting. So she got a guy to do it for her. She first of all made sure he had good grades then she used her scat femdom skills to make him do them for her.

This mistress loves shitting so much that her toilet has two toilets and two television screens. She had that arrangement because she wants to have a spouse who will share her love for shit and they can do it together. They can shit together and enjoy their scat fetish together. That way no one would have to wait for the other. They will do every little thing at the same time.

This beautiful scat mistress takes her toilet slave out of his cage because she is ready to take a shit. She doesn't take a shit unless it's in his mouth. She fills a bowl full with her turds. Before she gives it to him to eat, she makes him eat the shit out of her asshole and lick it clean. Now he is ready to eat his bowl full of shit.

These mistresses are weirdos. They were eating and still found time to humiliate and degrade their slave by shitting on his face right there at the dining table

Mistress Gaia knows that she's hot and she uses that as a way to humiliate and dominate guys. She has a hot ass and she made her slave lick and clean her asshole with his tongue

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress with a tight shaved pussy and a tight asshole that is ready to explode as she squats down over her slaves bare face. She holds her asshole shut for just a few moments and then she finally lets go and covers her slaves entire face with her creamy load. She then fills his mouth and then smears it all over his entire face as she humiliates him.

This room is filled with hot sexy mistresses and they are having fun visiting when one of them has to take a massive shit. She has long brunette hair as she walks towards your face and then she turns around as she pulls her panties down. She then takes her ass and puts it right into your face and starts shitting right into your mouth and she fills it up with her creamy shit.

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