Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Mistress Scatha and her friend caught the guy who had stolen from them and they had to make sure nothing like that ever happened. They know news travels fast so they punished this loser and made sure that other people knew about it. The mistresses enjoyed shitting on the guy and forcing him to eat the shit and when they were done with him, they knew he would change for the better.

Mistress Lisa had to teach her slave a lesson he had never been taught before. He had to learn to mind his own business. The mistress called her friend and together, the mistresses forced the guy to lie down. Once he had done so, the mistresses trampled him with boots and the pain made him obedient. They then had an easy time making him eat their shit. He ate all of it.

Lady Bella came home to find her slave had messed up with her stuff. She was pissed and to make sure he never did it again, she punished him cruelly. She forced him to eat her shit. The poor guy tried to plead with her not to make her eat the poo but she could have none of it. He had to know that her stuff was out of bounds for him.

Mistress Isabella likes to make quick cash. So she decided to open a school for mistresses and then charge them to learn how to be good dominators. Her business boomed because of the presence of many women who want to be dominas. She teaches them all she knows about the concept and the vise or a blessing in disguise depending on what they want to use their money for and which basnk ass well.

Mistress Isabella loves nothing better than she loves shitting. And not just any shitting but shitting on slaves and losers. She likes it because it achieves several things at the same time for her. She can punish someone, she can humiliate someone, she can have her own fun doing it as well as she can post the videos online to gain more followers and subscribers. For her its the best hobby.

Mistress Gaia flirted with this guy and he ignored her. He did not know she had never been ignored and she is the one who ignores people. He did not know that it was a privilege to get a chance to be with her and she decided to punish him. She made him lie down and she shit into his face. He did not want her romantically so she humiliated and degraded him.

This mistress does not know that her slave has a scat fetish as well and enjoys eating shit. She does not know that her slave likes it also because he gets access to her ass and her pussy besides seeing her naked. He hides the fact that he likes it because it makes him enjoy all the things he wants while the mistress thinks that he hates all the experience.

This mistress likes to experiment. Today she is experimenting with shit fetish. She wanted to try an improvised toilet so she got a slave and an improvised toilet seat. Then she sat on the seat and shit into the slave's open mouth. She happily shit into his mouth and made the slave eat her shit and swallow it. She also used him as her human toilet paper by making him lick her clean.

They don't call this cute brunette Poo Alexa for nothing. She knows everything about shit eating so she is going to tell you all about it. She gives you shit eating instruction so that you will eat every single chunk of it. She pulls her shorts and fishnets down and shits a big pile of nasty turds into a bowl then lets you know how to eat it properly.

Follow this goddess into the bathroom. She has something to show you. She is a hot scat queen who loves to show you her ass when she shits. She stands over the toilet with her bare ass facing you. She reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks apart. A huge turd opens up her asshole and starts pushing its way through. It just keeps coming to form an enormous and long turd.

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