Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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When this mistress was pissed, she knew she had to make sure she never felt that way again on account of her slave. So she called her friend and the two mistresses had fun torturing the slave. They started with shit fetish before ballbusting him. He was both in pain as well as humiliated. The mistresses forced him to eat her shit and to swallow her pee and he did it.

This mistress loves shit so much that she has two screens in her toilet. She loves watching videos while she is taking a dump. Today she was watching a scat video while she was taking a dump and wanted to learn how best to pull it off. She wanted to learn how to be a great scat queen. She got good tips and with her enthusiasm and interest, she became a good scat queen.

This masked scat queen saved up a bunch of shit for her toilet slave today. She couldn't hold it any more so she walks into the bathroom where he waits under her toilet. She sits down and starts pushing big turds out one after the other. The slave can barely keep up. He's chewing on one turd while she is dropping another one down on his face and filling his mouth.

Sweet blonde Lady Sandy is ready to find out what it feels like to have a toilet slave eat her shit for the first time. She looks like a pro as she makes her slave lie under her toilet seat. She starts pushing out turds. They are huge, long and perfectly formed. The heavy shit drops right into her slave's mouth and fills up every inch of it with smelly turds.

Welcome to part 5. This instalment of Scat Princess centers around scat queen Blanca. She really knows how to fill a toilet slave's mouth full of shit. She makes her slave stick his face up through a hole while she shits in it. Some of the turds get in his mouth but it is a chunky and messy shit that gets all over his face and falling off the side.

Mistress Gaia got tired of shitting in guy's mouths all the time. She decided to change it up and shit in the mouth of a female slave. She notices the difference because the female slave has a smaller mouth than she is used to. She pushes her asshole down on the girl's mouth and pushes out a bunch of turds. The fill the slave's mouth right away and starts to overflow.

These three gorgeous Asian goddesses have a special device that allows them all to piss in the mouth of their slave at the same time. Tubes stick out of the device that the three ladies hold up to their pussies. Their golden nectar pours down all three tubes and into the piss funnel that is in the toilet slave's mouth. He lies there humiliated as he drinks mouthfuls of warm piss.

This mistress knows how to improvise. Her toilet was being repaired but she had to use the toilet so she improvised and turned her slave into her human toilet. She pissed and took a shit on his face

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress with a tight shaved pussy and a tight asshole that is ready to explode as she squats down over her slaves bare face. She holds her asshole shut for just a few moments and then she finally lets go and covers her slaves entire face with her creamy load. She then fills his mouth and then smears it all over his entire face as she humiliates him.

Mistress Gaia has been out riding her horse all day long and the bouncing up and down on the saddle has really worked up her stomach. She gets home and she has to take a shit really really bad and she does not even have enough time to change out of her riding clothes. She makes her loser slave lay on the floor and she shits into her loser slaves mouth and makes him eat it and then has him lick her soles of her boots clean.

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