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Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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When these mistresses were disrespected by this guy, they pretended he was funny and laid a trap for him. He took the bait and the mistresses punished him cruelly. They turned him into a human toilet and they pissed on him. They also shit on him and they made sure he stopped being disrespectful to other people. They told him they would do worse things to him if he ever did it again.

This mistress was not in the mood to argue. Her slave was being difficult and she did not have time to argue with him and to make him see sense. So she punished him to quicken the process. She forced him to eat her shit and to drink her pee after he had lied down. She crushed him and trampled him with her high heels and even asked her friend to do the same to him.

This mistress has big screens and two toilets in her toilet. She likes to hide in there and play with her own shit. She also likes it because sometimes she is able to do it with someone else at the same time. She loves it better than anywhere else in the house and she spends a lot of her time. She always leaves a huge mess that her slave has to clean up.

This mistress's slave is in for it. She has prepared as surprise for him. She shit on a bowl and then waited for him to come and then he would have to eat it all

Mistress Gaia wanted to punish her slave and the befitting punishment for his mistake was to be degraded. She degraded the slave by shitting on his face and making him eat it

This mistress knows how to improvise. Her toilet was being repaired but she had to use the toilet so she improvised and turned her slave into her human toilet. She pissed and took a shit on his face

These four sexy mistresses all share a loser toilet slave and they want to all work together to teach him a lesson. They make him lay on the floor under the portable toilet and have him open his mouth wide. These sexy girls all take turns shitting on the slaves face and into his mouth and make him eat all of their creamy shit as all four of them fill him up with their shit.

Aline does not have a good opinion about men and when she heard that there are men that can be used as a toilet she wanted to do it, as much as to come at seven o'clock in the morning only to take a shit on the slave's face before going to work. We offered her a coffee with biscuits and then she sat over the slave to farting noisy and shit indifferently on his pathetic face.

We have decided that the best use that we can give to the slave is to convert his face in our toilet everyday. This is the first time that we test his face to pee, we must say it was really enjoyable to piss on him.

As usual and following the rules, the slave can only eat under the toilet seat. In the morning he is eating toast with butter and jam. In half breakfast a girl comes and ask him to stop eating and leave the toast on the plate, The girl sits on the toilet and take a creamy and soft shit on the toast. She wipe her asshole and wish him a good appetite.

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