Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Mistress Gaia was new to scat fetish and she needed to be brought up to speed. She told her slave to lie down and she tried to replicate all that she had seen in online videos. She took a dump into the mouth of the slave and he was forced to eat it all as opposed to being humiliated and degraded further by the mistress and her gang of crazies.

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress with a tight shaved pussy and a tight asshole that is ready to explode as she squats down over her slaves bare face. She holds her asshole shut for just a few moments and then she finally lets go and covers her slaves entire face with her creamy load. She then fills his mouth and then smears it all over his entire face as she humiliates him.

This room is filled with hot sexy mistresses and they are having fun visiting when one of them has to take a massive shit. She has long brunette hair as she walks towards your face and then she turns around as she pulls her panties down. She then takes her ass and puts it right into your face and starts shitting right into your mouth and she fills it up with her creamy shit.

Mistress Jessica is a sexy BBW mistress who has to take a massive shit and she has her toilet slave laying on the floor underneath of her. Her asshole is right above her slaves open mouth and she gets ready to take a massive shit. She then lets go and all of her shit comes flying out of her puckering asshole and lands into her slaves mouth and all over his entire face.

These three sexy mistresses are all hanging out together and they are having some fun with their loser slave who was getting ready to eat a tart. They take his plate with his tart on it and they start out by spitting on it and covering it with their spit. Then they take and wipe their asses with some toilet paper and put the dirty toilet paper on top of his snack and then give it back to him to eat.

While I finish eating my meal, after having made him smell good ass, I shit in the mouth of this human toilet. From producer to consumer! This video is the representation of the natural law of domination and submission: some are born to rule, and who to be dominated, who was born to eat well and who was born to eat shit!

This time will be memorable for you slave! No matter whether you have followed me since the first clip on yezzclips, whether this is the first time for you, in any case it will be a unique experience: your personal milestone in the training that you have already started or you are about to start with me, as a human toilet. I'm going to evacuate a huge quantity of shit, that you would have never dreamed of, even in your most extreme coprophilist ravings and dreams! This is the time to materialize the desire you did not even had the opportunity to desire or imagine. BECAUSE MISTRESS GAIA IS ALWAYS ONE STEP BEYOND!

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