Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Mistress Gaia does not like slaves and losers who question her authority. She likes it when she gets them to do things without asking questions. This loser tried to question her and he lived to regret it. She was pissed and she trampled on him and she turned him into her toilet slave. She had fun making him eat her shit and swallowing it before she let him go away.

These losers wanted money. They were broke and did not know where to get money when they stumbled upon mistresses looking for losers to humiliate. They promised to pay and they agreed to the deal. The mistresses partied with them and they had fun until they wanted to try scat fetish. The mistresses undressed them and undressed themselves and they pissed on the guys and had them eat their shit. But they agreed since they needed the money.

Lady Bella came home to find her slave had messed up with her stuff. She was pissed and to make sure he never did it again, she punished him cruelly. She forced him to eat her shit. The poor guy tried to plead with her not to make her eat the poo but she could have none of it. He had to know that her stuff was out of bounds for him.

This loser pissed off this mistress and she had to show him that she was not one to mess with. She forced him to undress and she took him to the bathroom where she had him open his mouth and she shit in it. She forced him to chew the poo and to swallow it once he was done. She pissed on him and made him drink it as well.

Mistress Isabella likes to make quick cash. So she decided to open a school for mistresses and then charge them to learn how to be good dominators. Her business boomed because of the presence of many women who want to be dominas. She teaches them all she knows about the concept and the vise or a blessing in disguise depending on what they want to use their money for and which basnk ass well.

Lady Milena wanted to make lots of cash and have slaves and losers humiliated. So she planned to have a way in which she could have fun and at the same time have her slaves and losers humiliated. She looked for a scapegoat in order to humiliate and punish her slave. She also made sure that they were humiliated to the best extent she could and so she used her shit to do it.

This mistress loves shitting so much that her toilet has two toilets and two television screens. She had that arrangement because she wants to have a spouse who will share her love for shit and they can do it together. They can shit together and enjoy their scat fetish together. That way no one would have to wait for the other. They will do every little thing at the same time.

This mistress likes to experiment. Today she is experimenting with shit fetish. She wanted to try an improvised toilet so she got a slave and an improvised toilet seat. Then she sat on the seat and shit into the slave's open mouth. She happily shit into his mouth and made the slave eat her shit and swallow it. She also used him as her human toilet paper by making him lick her clean.

These girls are practically revolutionizing their human toilet. They took the seat out of a chair and replaced it with a toilet seat. They pull the chair up to a table so they can relax and read while they are taking a shit. The toilet slave lies under them with his mouth open every time they sit down. They squeeze out some enormous turds that fall right into his mouth.

Lady Milena puts her slave through an extreme shit eating session. She sits on the bed in her black stockings while her toilet slave lies in the floor. She humiliates him by bending over and spitting in his mouth. Then she has him open his mouth wide while she pulls down her stockings and shits out a huge turd that coils around in his mouth and he has to chew it and swallow it.

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