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Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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This mistress was tutoring this guy for his upcoming exams but he did not seem to be serious. She knew how important those exams were to him and she wanted him to take things seriously. So she did the unthinkable and she forced him to eat her shit. She made him swallow it and by the time she was done, he had newfound respect for her and took everything she said seriously.

This mistress wanted to get someone to be doing her assignments. She had a busy life having fun and did not want to be bothered to read for things she did not care about or find interesting. So she got a guy to do it for her. She first of all made sure he had good grades then she used her scat femdom skills to make him do them for her.

Lady Milena likes to do gross things. They are her specialty and when she does them is when she is at her happiest. She does not care about the things that other mistresses care about. She only enjoys it when she makes slaves and losers miserable by humiliating them and degrading them. That is what she did to this slave and she did not even heed his pleas for mercy.

This mistress does not know that her slave has a scat fetish as well and enjoys eating shit. She does not know that her slave likes it also because he gets access to her ass and her pussy besides seeing her naked. He hides the fact that he likes it because it makes him enjoy all the things he wants while the mistress thinks that he hates all the experience.

Follow this goddess into the bathroom. She has something to show you. She is a hot scat queen who loves to show you her ass when she shits. She stands over the toilet with her bare ass facing you. She reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks apart. A huge turd opens up her asshole and starts pushing its way through. It just keeps coming to form an enormous and long turd.

This slave had to endure one of the most degrading forms of torture. The mistresses all got naked and showed off their beautiful and sexy bodies but instead shit and then wiped their asses and used him as a trash can

Again the toilet slave meets Lady Chrissy and Missy from Scatqueens Berlin. It does not take long and Lady Missy have to use a toilet. She prepares her toilet slave cause she wants a toilet paper holder and a tray for her cigarets. Then Lady Missy likes to smoke a cigaret and read the newspaper, while she shits in the mouth of the toiletslave a big pile.

Ebony big booty first timer Keisha comes over and drops a huge pile of foul shit in the toilets face. Smelled so bad she had to spray while shitting. As an added bonus we put the shit eating action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face.

Here our Girls came together to have some Fun. Then Pooping starts, with the Girls sitting on his Forehead with their Butthole over his Mouth. Now OPEN WIDE Part 5 with Valery.

Princess Tina and Princess Nikki piss in a bowl first, Princess Tina is so cute when she orders the slave to drink the piss like a dog! Later at the day both girls decide to piss in slaves mouth once again, this time directly in his mouth!

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