Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Mistress Gaia flirted with this guy and he ignored her. He did not know she had never been ignored and she is the one who ignores people. He did not know that it was a privilege to get a chance to be with her and she decided to punish him. She made him lie down and she shit into his face. He did not want her romantically so she humiliated and degraded him.

Smoking hot brunette scat queen Mistress Gaia has a female slave who she is training to be a shit eater. She is giving the lesson in English and the toilet slave doesn't understand. Every time she gets out of line or don't understand; Mistress Gaia smacks her in the head. She will keep shitting out turd after turd and make her eat it all until she gets it right.

Mistress Gaia got tired of shitting in guy's mouths all the time. She decided to change it up and shit in the mouth of a female slave. She notices the difference because the female slave has a smaller mouth than she is used to. She pushes her asshole down on the girl's mouth and pushes out a bunch of turds. The fill the slave's mouth right away and starts to overflow.

Mistress Gaia knows that she's hot and she uses that as a way to humiliate and dominate guys. She has a hot ass and she made her slave lick and clean her asshole with his tongue

Mistress Gaia wanted to punish her slave and the befitting punishment for his mistake was to be degraded. She degraded the slave by shitting on his face and making him eat it

Mistress Gaia has been out riding her horse all day long and the bouncing up and down on the saddle has really worked up her stomach. She gets home and she has to take a shit really really bad and she does not even have enough time to change out of her riding clothes. She makes her loser slave lay on the floor and she shits into her loser slaves mouth and makes him eat it and then has him lick her soles of her boots clean.

Here is the right perspective, the point of view best suited to you and your stupid and meaningless life. Look at my ass while I shit in your face! Look at it from the position best suited to your nature of a toilet slave, shitty human latrine

While I finish eating my meal, after having made him smell good ass, I shit in the mouth of this human toilet. From producer to consumer! This video is the representation of the natural law of domination and submission: some are born to rule, and who to be dominated, who was born to eat well and who was born to eat shit!

This slave really needed a lesson. So I decided to humiliate him with my piss and my shit. This human toilet had forgotten his true nature. The next time I'm sure he will be more respectful and will behave better.

This time will be memorable for you slave! No matter whether you have followed me since the first clip on yezzclips, whether this is the first time for you, in any case it will be a unique experience: your personal milestone in the training that you have already started or you are about to start with me, as a human toilet. I'm going to evacuate a huge quantity of shit, that you would have never dreamed of, even in your most extreme coprophilist ravings and dreams! This is the time to materialize the desire you did not even had the opportunity to desire or imagine. BECAUSE MISTRESS GAIA IS ALWAYS ONE STEP BEYOND!

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