Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Lady Marie is a gorgeous brunette who has a lot of humiliating things in store for her toilet slave. She starts by smoking a cigarette and dumping the ashes in his mouth like a human ashtray. She pisses, shits and vomits in his mouth. He has to chew and swallow all of her bodily fluids or he can no longer be her toilet slave. He will eat her shit any day.

Smoking hot brunette scat queen Mistress Gaia has a female slave who she is training to be a shit eater. She is giving the lesson in English and the toilet slave doesn't understand. Every time she gets out of line or don't understand; Mistress Gaia smacks her in the head. She will keep shitting out turd after turd and make her eat it all until she gets it right.

They don't call this cute brunette Poo Alexa for nothing. She knows everything about shit eating so she is going to tell you all about it. She gives you shit eating instruction so that you will eat every single chunk of it. She pulls her shorts and fishnets down and shits a big pile of nasty turds into a bowl then lets you know how to eat it properly.

This room is filled with hot sexy mistresses and they are having fun visiting when one of them has to take a massive shit. She has long brunette hair as she walks towards your face and then she turns around as she pulls her panties down. She then takes her ass and puts it right into your face and starts shitting right into your mouth and she fills it up with her creamy shit.

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