Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

All articles tagged with "Puke"

Lady Marie is a gorgeous brunette who has a lot of humiliating things in store for her toilet slave. She starts by smoking a cigarette and dumping the ashes in his mouth like a human ashtray. She pisses, shits and vomits in his mouth. He has to chew and swallow all of her bodily fluids or he can no longer be her toilet slave. He will eat her shit any day.

Domi Cat is at it again. These girls really know how to dominate and humiliate their slaves. Domi Cat handles two toilet slaves at one time with no problem. They lie down next to each other and she sticks her finger down her throat and pukes in their mouth. Then she spreads her asshole and fills their mouth with messy turds until they both have a mouth packed with shit.

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Dirty Maryan

Rosella Extreme