Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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This mistress had a running stomach. When she tried to follow up what she had eaten that would have caused the running stomach, she came to the conclusion that it must have been caused by the food she ate and it was food her slave had prepared. So she punished him for preparing food which was harmful to her. She forced him to share in her misery by eating her shit.

Mistress Cinnamon has a big ass. This loser tried to make fun of her but she did not take it kindly and taught him a lesson he would never forget. The pissed mistress turned on him and crushed him with her ass. She smothered him and made him lick her ass as well as her shit. She made him eat her shit and swallow it before she felt it was enough.

Mistress Gaia does not like slaves and losers who question her authority. She likes it when she gets them to do things without asking questions. This loser tried to question her and he lived to regret it. She was pissed and she trampled on him and she turned him into her toilet slave. She had fun making him eat her shit and swallowing it before she let him go away.

This mistress was tutoring this guy for his upcoming exams but he did not seem to be serious. She knew how important those exams were to him and she wanted him to take things seriously. So she did the unthinkable and she forced him to eat her shit. She made him swallow it and by the time she was done, he had newfound respect for her and took everything she said seriously.

Lady Milena wanted to make lots of cash and have slaves and losers humiliated. So she planned to have a way in which she could have fun and at the same time have her slaves and losers humiliated. She looked for a scapegoat in order to humiliate and punish her slave. She also made sure that they were humiliated to the best extent she could and so she used her shit to do it.

This mistress likes to experiment. Today she is experimenting with shit fetish. She wanted to try an improvised toilet so she got a slave and an improvised toilet seat. Then she sat on the seat and shit into the slave's open mouth. She happily shit into his mouth and made the slave eat her shit and swallow it. She also used him as her human toilet paper by making him lick her clean.

Mistress Isabella puts a humiliating mask and collar on her loser toilet slave before making him lie down to take a mouthful of her smelly turds. He's waiting for a turd to come and suddenly warm piss is being sprayed over his face. Once she finishes pissing on him, Isabella shits right in her toilet slave's mouth. Shit eating is his favorite thing to do for his scat mistress.

These three gorgeous Asian goddesses have a special device that allows them all to piss in the mouth of their slave at the same time. Tubes stick out of the device that the three ladies hold up to their pussies. Their golden nectar pours down all three tubes and into the piss funnel that is in the toilet slave's mouth. He lies there humiliated as he drinks mouthfuls of warm piss.

Mistress Gaia knows that she's hot and she uses that as a way to humiliate and dominate guys. She has a hot ass and she made her slave lick and clean her asshole with his tongue

This mistress knows how to improvise. Her toilet was being repaired but she had to use the toilet so she improvised and turned her slave into her human toilet. She pissed and took a shit on his face

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