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Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Mistress Nasty Lola loves naughty stuff. The naughtier something is the better it is for her. Today she tried shit fetish. Because she was alone and did not have a slave, she had to settle for enjoying the shit fetish on her own. The mistress filmed herself shitting and she even inserted her finger in her ass for fun. She enjoyed it and fantasized about what she would do to her slave in case she got one.

This mistress has a great ass and this guy had a crush on her and her sexy ass. She took advantage of his crush and she made him eat her shit. She had been dying to try scat fetish and she now had someone to do it to. She teased him with her ass and got him hooked them she enjoyed shitting and pissing on him and making him eat the shit and drink the pee.

Mistress Gaia has a nice ass. Her lovely ass is a man magnet. It attracts all kinds of people. Many of them can't resist the charm and allure that is scat fetish. So she takes advantage of her slaves and humiliates them. She does not care what happens in the future but she is always prepared to punish her slaves for anything wrong that they do. And today was no different.

Mistress Isabella loves nothing better than she loves shitting. And not just any shitting but shitting on slaves and losers. She likes it because it achieves several things at the same time for her. She can punish someone, she can humiliate someone, she can have her own fun doing it as well as she can post the videos online to gain more followers and subscribers. For her its the best hobby.

Lady Marie is a gorgeous brunette who has a lot of humiliating things in store for her toilet slave. She starts by smoking a cigarette and dumping the ashes in his mouth like a human ashtray. She pisses, shits and vomits in his mouth. He has to chew and swallow all of her bodily fluids or he can no longer be her toilet slave. He will eat her shit any day.

Lady Milena puts her slave through an extreme shit eating session. She sits on the bed in her black stockings while her toilet slave lies in the floor. She humiliates him by bending over and spitting in his mouth. Then she has him open his mouth wide while she pulls down her stockings and shits out a huge turd that coils around in his mouth and he has to chew it and swallow it.

These three sexy mistresses are all hanging out together and they are having some fun with their loser slave who was getting ready to eat a tart. They take his plate with his tart on it and they start out by spitting on it and covering it with their spit. Then they take and wipe their asses with some toilet paper and put the dirty toilet paper on top of his snack and then give it back to him to eat.

A Group of girls giving you the use that you deserve. Your face is disgusting and it only serves to spit and pee on it. All the girls hock loogies from their throat and nose and spit each phlegm on you covering your ugly face with saliva and mucus. They also need to pee so bad and after spit a lot, they pee over your spat face, as the dirty toilet you are.

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