Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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This mistress has a great ass and this guy had a crush on her and her sexy ass. She took advantage of his crush and she made him eat her shit. She had been dying to try scat fetish and she now had someone to do it to. She teased him with her ass and got him hooked them she enjoyed shitting and pissing on him and making him eat the shit and drink the pee.

After enduring a night of torture, this slave was hungry and in pain. So he asked the mistresses for breakfast and they instead served him toast and then spit on it and even stirred his drink of spit with fingers inserted in their butt and made him eat and drink

In a little drinking game I have some drinks with the girls. Our slave is used as cuspidor, toilet and tampon swallower. We spit and pee in his mouth again and again. As delicious add on Miss Jane and me shit in his mouth also. His little cock is painfully sucked to a normal size with our enlargement pump, so the slave looks like a real man. *smile* Sweetbaby nearly vomits on him, but the lucky guy has in the end only 4 times pee and 2 times scat to swallow.

A Group of girls giving you the use that you deserve. Your face is disgusting and it only serves to spit and pee on it. All the girls hock loogies from their throat and nose and spit each phlegm on you covering your ugly face with saliva and mucus. They also need to pee so bad and after spit a lot, they pee over your spat face, as the dirty toilet you are.

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