Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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This mistress was tutoring this guy for his upcoming exams but he did not seem to be serious. She knew how important those exams were to him and she wanted him to take things seriously. So she did the unthinkable and she forced him to eat her shit. She made him swallow it and by the time she was done, he had newfound respect for her and took everything she said seriously.

They don't call this cute brunette Poo Alexa for nothing. She knows everything about shit eating so she is going to tell you all about it. She gives you shit eating instruction so that you will eat every single chunk of it. She pulls her shorts and fishnets down and shits a big pile of nasty turds into a bowl then lets you know how to eat it properly.

She could not sleep tonight ... She ate something bad and made ​​a huge pain in the abdomen, instead of in bed that night she spent in the bathroom. You can see the huge diarrhea that flows from her ass. Can you hear her moans and see how shit comes out quickly with her ​​ass.

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