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Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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Smoking hot brunette scat queen Mistress Gaia has a female slave who she is training to be a shit eater. She is giving the lesson in English and the toilet slave doesn't understand. Every time she gets out of line or don't understand; Mistress Gaia smacks her in the head. She will keep shitting out turd after turd and make her eat it all until she gets it right.

I am going to make you my toilet slave. This clip starts out with me eating a big bowl of beans, rice, and corn. As I eat it, I tell you that you are going to eat this meal also, but after it goes through me. After I eat it all, I tell you that you are going to now be my full service toilet slave and I have a really big first meal for you. I love talking dirty and nasty about making you eat it after I have finished digesting it all. Fast forward to the next morning. In my royal bathroom and its time for your training slave. Are you ready? I turn and squat and take a huge shit for you to eat. Imagine it gliding into your hungry mouth. Now, since you are not here to actually eat MY shit, I have special instructions on how you can train yourself at home. If I was there I would fill your mouth with my shit and tape your mouth closed and make you hold it in for 5 minutes then you would swallow every delicious bite. Better not throw up, prove you are worthy to be a real toilet slave. Email me when you think you are ready.

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