Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

It was not this slave's lucky day. He was being humiliated by three mistresses. They had no mercy on him and they wanted to make sure that he was an example to others who took things for granted. The mistresses shit and pissed on the slave and degraded him the way he has never been degraded his entire life. By the time they were done with him, he felt like dying.

Mistress Isabella likes to make quick cash. So she decided to open a school for mistresses and then charge them to learn how to be good dominators. Her business boomed because of the presence of many women who want to be dominas. She teaches them all she knows about the concept and the vise or a blessing in disguise depending on what they want to use their money for and which basnk ass well.

This mistress has big screens and two toilets in her toilet. She likes to hide in there and play with her own shit. She also likes it because sometimes she is able to do it with someone else at the same time. She loves it better than anywhere else in the house and she spends a lot of her time. She always leaves a huge mess that her slave has to clean up.

Lady Milena wanted to make lots of cash and have slaves and losers humiliated. So she planned to have a way in which she could have fun and at the same time have her slaves and losers humiliated. She looked for a scapegoat in order to humiliate and punish her slave. She also made sure that they were humiliated to the best extent she could and so she used her shit to do it.

Mistress Gaia was new to scat fetish and she needed to be brought up to speed. She told her slave to lie down and she tried to replicate all that she had seen in online videos. She took a dump into the mouth of the slave and he was forced to eat it all as opposed to being humiliated and degraded further by the mistress and her gang of crazies.

This mistress wanted to get someone to be doing her assignments. She had a busy life having fun and did not want to be bothered to read for things she did not care about or find interesting. So she got a guy to do it for her. She first of all made sure he had good grades then she used her scat femdom skills to make him do them for her.

Mistress Isabella loves nothing better than she loves shitting. And not just any shitting but shitting on slaves and losers. She likes it because it achieves several things at the same time for her. She can punish someone, she can humiliate someone, she can have her own fun doing it as well as she can post the videos online to gain more followers and subscribers. For her its the best hobby.

This mistress loves shitting so much that her toilet has two toilets and two television screens. She had that arrangement because she wants to have a spouse who will share her love for shit and they can do it together. They can shit together and enjoy their scat fetish together. That way no one would have to wait for the other. They will do every little thing at the same time.

Lady Milena likes to do gross things. They are her specialty and when she does them is when she is at her happiest. She does not care about the things that other mistresses care about. She only enjoys it when she makes slaves and losers miserable by humiliating them and degrading them. That is what she did to this slave and she did not even heed his pleas for mercy.

Mistress Gaia flirted with this guy and he ignored her. He did not know she had never been ignored and she is the one who ignores people. He did not know that it was a privilege to get a chance to be with her and she decided to punish him. She made him lie down and she shit into his face. He did not want her romantically so she humiliated and degraded him.

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