Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

Our pretty camerawoman was eating mexican food yesterday night. Usually she records how the girls poop on the slave's face but she never participates, however today she said that she need to take a shit and that someday she would like to do it into the slave's mouth since it is all that he deserves. To demostrate it she pulled down her panties and took one really big and aromatic shit. We never would have imagined that our lovely camerawoman could shit like that.

Princess Tina and Princess Nikki piss in a bowl first, Princess Tina is so cute when she orders the slave to drink the piss like a dog! Later at the day both girls decide to piss in slaves mouth once again, this time directly in his mouth!

Here is the right perspective, the point of view best suited to you and your stupid and meaningless life. Look at my ass while I shit in your face! Look at it from the position best suited to your nature of a toilet slave, shitty human latrine

Mistress Raw Desires is back in action and has a treat for the toilet pig. The last time she fed him a fat log right from the oven; this time she makes him an ass chocolate sundae. Watch as her gorgeous ebony ass jiggles and wiggles as she prepares the sunday and dumps a hefty load of chocolate straight from her ass into the bowl. After shitting into the bowl she has the toilet lick her clean before eating his sundae. She laughs and humiliates him bite after bite of the shit sundae. (and yes this actually an ice cream sundae made up of her shit). Mistress Raw Desires is truly a creative shit queen.

Here we dragged the Slave in the Kitchen and did not let him get up, until he ate 7 Portions of Poop. Part 4

This is the first time we use our new human toilet. We are excited to defecate on his face since we know that henceforward to take a shit on him will be something usual and we must get used.

At the second Part of the party there are furthermore only short breaks for the Human Toilet and he has to prove hisself as a supertoilet. There is no time to spare him, some Ladies try to press out something brown a second time. We`ll see what comes.In any case the Toilet has not only to deal with devine caviar. Just have a look at the pictures what will initiate.

:-) camera to be under my wc and I sit on the toilet lid and half leave it :-) Luckily fall times not taken the camera :-) :-) Horny recording including my comments, as always

Aline does not have a good opinion about men and when she heard that there are men that can be used as a toilet she wanted to do it, as much as to come at seven o'clock in the morning only to take a shit on the slave's face before going to work. We offered her a coffee with biscuits and then she sat over the slave to farting noisy and shit indifferently on his pathetic face.

While I finish eating my meal, after having made him smell good ass, I shit in the mouth of this human toilet. From producer to consumer! This video is the representation of the natural law of domination and submission: some are born to rule, and who to be dominated, who was born to eat well and who was born to eat shit!

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