Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

Here we dragged the Slave in the Kitchen and did not let him get up, until he ate 7 Portions of Poop. Part 2

Mistress Raw Desires just loves using the toilet. She shows of her big juicy ebony ass off before dropping some smelly turds in the toilets open mouth. She also gives him a nice stream of warm piss and then makes makes the toilet lick her smelly ass clean. Mistress Raw Desires is truly a creative shit queen.

We have decided that the best use that we can give to the slave is to convert his face in our toilet everyday. This is the first time that we test his face to pee, we must say it was really enjoyable to piss on him.

Here Mistress Adison makes her Slave serve her the Way she wants a Slave to serve. Her Idea of having a Slave

Because like you have seen at the first part of the movie how cowardly this Toilet is, Lady Grace and Lady Katherina decided to boost it. They feed this Toilet with the complete three bunches, and really plug his chops with scat. Almost his whole face is capped with scat afterwards because there's is so much available. Anyway, neatly swallowing toilets are really rare.

Five Ladies have fun with one Toilet Slave which will be totally ignored and only used as a human toilet. Wow, look what a great hugh pile comes out of the first Lady, you must seen these amazing first part of the great scat movie !!!

As usual and following the rules, the slave can only eat under the toilet seat. In the morning he is eating toast with butter and jam. In half breakfast a girl comes and ask him to stop eating and leave the toast on the plate, The girl sits on the toilet and take a creamy and soft shit on the toast. She wipe her asshole and wish him a good appetite.

Here Adison uses the Slave for her personal Pleasure and hurts him to show him, that she will hurt him, if needed.

This slave really needed a lesson. So I decided to humiliate him with my piss and my shit. This human toilet had forgotten his true nature. The next time I'm sure he will be more respectful and will behave better.

In a little drinking game I have some drinks with the girls. Our slave is used as cuspidor, toilet and tampon swallower. We spit and pee in his mouth again and again. As delicious add on Miss Jane and me shit in his mouth also. His little cock is painfully sucked to a normal size with our enlargement pump, so the slave looks like a real man. *smile* Sweetbaby nearly vomits on him, but the lucky guy has in the end only 4 times pee and 2 times scat to swallow.

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