Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

Mistress Isabella puts a humiliating mask and collar on her loser toilet slave before making him lie down to take a mouthful of her smelly turds. He's waiting for a turd to come and suddenly warm piss is being sprayed over his face. Once she finishes pissing on him, Isabella shits right in her toilet slave's mouth. Shit eating is his favorite thing to do for his scat mistress.

This masked scat queen saved up a bunch of shit for her toilet slave today. She couldn't hold it any more so she walks into the bathroom where he waits under her toilet. She sits down and starts pushing big turds out one after the other. The slave can barely keep up. He's chewing on one turd while she is dropping another one down on his face and filling his mouth.

In part 5 of the Full of Shit series; a hot domina squats down to go to the bathroom on a toilet slave's face. She starts by spreading her legs and giving him a golden shower. The piss runs all down his face as she squats down and starts pushing turds out of her ass. He opens his mouth wide and the turds fall right in until his mouth is full.

Sweet blonde Lady Sandy is ready to find out what it feels like to have a toilet slave eat her shit for the first time. She looks like a pro as she makes her slave lie under her toilet seat. She starts pushing out turds. They are huge, long and perfectly formed. The heavy shit drops right into her slave's mouth and fills up every inch of it with smelly turds.

Welcome to part 5. This instalment of Scat Princess centers around scat queen Blanca. She really knows how to fill a toilet slave's mouth full of shit. She makes her slave stick his face up through a hole while she shits in it. Some of the turds get in his mouth but it is a chunky and messy shit that gets all over his face and falling off the side.

Mistress Gaia got tired of shitting in guy's mouths all the time. She decided to change it up and shit in the mouth of a female slave. She notices the difference because the female slave has a smaller mouth than she is used to. She pushes her asshole down on the girl's mouth and pushes out a bunch of turds. The fill the slave's mouth right away and starts to overflow.

Nasty toilet goddess Lady Milena tortures her slave in any way she can as he lay helpless under her toilet seat. She makes him lick the bottom of her shoes clean to prepare his tongue for the shit. She starts out with pissing and makes him swallow all her golden nectar. Then she shits out many turds that completely fill his mouth full. There is so much shit he can barely chew it.

They don't call this cute brunette Poo Alexa for nothing. She knows everything about shit eating so she is going to tell you all about it. She gives you shit eating instruction so that you will eat every single chunk of it. She pulls her shorts and fishnets down and shits a big pile of nasty turds into a bowl then lets you know how to eat it properly.

Follow this goddess into the bathroom. She has something to show you. She is a hot scat queen who loves to show you her ass when she shits. She stands over the toilet with her bare ass facing you. She reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks apart. A huge turd opens up her asshole and starts pushing its way through. It just keeps coming to form an enormous and long turd.

These three gorgeous Asian goddesses have a special device that allows them all to piss in the mouth of their slave at the same time. Tubes stick out of the device that the three ladies hold up to their pussies. Their golden nectar pours down all three tubes and into the piss funnel that is in the toilet slave's mouth. He lies there humiliated as he drinks mouthfuls of warm piss.

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