Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

This mistresses do not like to waste their shit. They instead chose to make it their slave's meal and they shit and preserve it for him to eat

These mistresses are weirdos. They were eating and still found time to humiliate and degrade their slave by shitting on his face right there at the dining table

Knowing that there are many people with a scat fetish and especially from a sexy, curvy and tattooed booty like hers, this mistress does not allow her shit to go to waste. She likes to collect it and film it

This mistress's friends wanted to learn how to humiliate and degrade their slaves with scat fetishes. So she demonstrated how it is done and how they will make the slaves eat their shit

This mistress's slave is in for it. She has prepared as surprise for him. She shit on a bowl and then waited for him to come and then he would have to eat it all

This slave had to endure one of the most degrading forms of torture. The mistresses all got naked and showed off their beautiful and sexy bodies but instead shit and then wiped their asses and used him as a trash can

These mistresses wanted to humiliate their slave and they thought of a good way to do it and they settled on scat. They got naked and then shit into his face via an improvised toilet

Mistress Gaia knows that she's hot and she uses that as a way to humiliate and dominate guys. She has a hot ass and she made her slave lick and clean her asshole with his tongue

After enduring a night of torture, this slave was hungry and in pain. So he asked the mistresses for breakfast and they instead served him toast and then spit on it and even stirred his drink of spit with fingers inserted in their butt and made him eat and drink

Mistress Gaia wanted to punish her slave and the befitting punishment for his mistake was to be degraded. She degraded the slave by shitting on his face and making him eat it

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