Femdom Toilet

Forced toilet training and toilet humiliation.

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This slave had to endure one of the most degrading forms of torture. The mistresses all got naked and showed off their beautiful and sexy bodies but instead shit and then wiped their asses and used him as a trash can

These mistresses wanted to humiliate their slave and they thought of a good way to do it and they settled on scat. They got naked and then shit into his face via an improvised toilet

Mistress Gaia wanted to punish her slave and the befitting punishment for his mistake was to be degraded. She degraded the slave by shitting on his face and making him eat it

This room is filled with hot sexy mistresses and they are having fun visiting when one of them has to take a massive shit. She has long brunette hair as she walks towards your face and then she turns around as she pulls her panties down. She then takes her ass and puts it right into your face and starts shitting right into your mouth and she fills it up with her creamy shit.

Here our Girls came together to have some Fun. Then Pooping starts, with the Girls sitting on his Forehead with their Butthole over his Mouth. Now OPEN WIDE Part 5 with Valery.

This is the first time we use our new human toilet. We are excited to defecate on his face since we know that henceforward to take a shit on him will be something usual and we must get used.

:-) camera to be under my wc and I sit on the toilet lid and half leave it :-) Luckily fall times not taken the camera :-) :-) Horny recording including my comments, as always

You will love this natural girl. She is a litlle shy but really noughty at the same time, and as we asked her if she would shit in somebodeys mouth, the answer was: why no?After she did she went to Nikki and explainn her what she did.

She could not sleep tonight ... She ate something bad and made ​​a huge pain in the abdomen, instead of in bed that night she spent in the bathroom. You can see the huge diarrhea that flows from her ass. Can you hear her moans and see how shit comes out quickly with her ​​ass.

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